Battle Through the Heavens Season 2!

It’s been 3 years since season 1 of Battle Through the Heavens aired. Because of how the first season ended, fans of the show expected a season 2, but it was unclear when production would commence. In the past those of us who have been holding on the silver of hope for season 2, the drama gods have finally answered our prayers.

With filming commencing last week, season 2 will hopefully air mid-year 2022 at the earliest.


Last time round fans of the original novelised work were quite disappointed with how the story was translated to screen. Hopefully, now that production team more of an understanding on what fans of this beloved series want, they will deliver an even better visual experience.

  1. The writing – The original writer Tain Can Tu Dou (天蚕土豆), also screen for the onscreen adaption and the audience were not receptive to his creative directions. They were too many plot unnecessary plot changes. Unfortunately, he is heading the writing for the production of the second season.
  2. Cast Change – season 2 is going to suffer from the complete replacement of the main cast. Though fans heavily criticised the cast of season 1 (especially Leo Wu), I don’t think anyone thinks this change is for the better (might just be me. If it is to the contrary, I’m willing to continue believing such falsehood).
    • The change of cast is primarily due to the fact that after so many years most of the original actors already moved on to other better things. Although Tencent had prematurely (before season 1 finished air) announced that they would be a second season, no one knew when production would start. I haven’t watched any works by either of the new leading cast and I don’t plan on so before the show starts. Hopefully they are able to bring the much needed fresh energy into this series.
  3. Possible reiteration of season 1 – season 2 needs to start where season 1 ended. Because of the complete new cast, it is legitimate to worry that they might want to reiterate the events in season 1. I am of the opinion, that this would be a waste resources. I also understand that this is definitely an unlikely situation, however for now I’m thinking of the worst possible outcome in order to manage my expectations.


As a someone who considerable enjoyed the first season, I will be tuning in to see what the second season has in store. And though I have some reservetions, I just hope this new season will be able to capture audiences’ heart and conclude the story of Battle Through the Heavens on a positive note.

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