Recap: Mr. Right (恋爱先生) Episode 1

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Cheng Hao is a dentist who spends his free time helping his single friends devise ways to get the girl of their dreams (or of the moment), despite the fact that it seems he has never been in love. One day at his clinic, he meets Luo Yue who has a knack for dealing with jerks and heartbreakers.



I have to be honest… the synopsis did not captivate me. I also watched trailers, but it also seemed like a train wreck, I didn’t want to go through it. After a moment of hesitation, I once again landed on it, it was 01:08 a.m. I thought “what have I got to lose”? Time, obviously. However, I was on a mission to put sleeping off again.

Cheng Hao is in Belgium for a friends’ wedding. The reception seems more of a Casanova party rather than a wedding reception. I will happily be called a prude if this is how we now celebrate the union of two people… [photo + cation à people are grinding up against each other].

Another thing that got to me was the amount of French used when the characters interacted with fellow Belgium citizens. No one spoke in French, everyone spoke in English, whether they were speaking to guests or staff.  This is something minor that bugs me because of the number of TV shows that have done this; they go to a European country and the only language anyone speaks is English, although these people have apparently studied and lived in the named countries for several years.

Can we give a round of applause for the shoddiest American actor? I haven’t seen any drama with an American actor that didn’t feel fake. Until this drama. This guy has some chops.


Cheng Hao and Luo Yue’s first encounter starts with a misunderstanding. Luo Yue mistook his life-saving actions for being perverted. Much of what happens in this episode is Cheng Hao being interrogated and eventually released when the police watch the footage of him resuscitating a girl who was unconscious beside the pool.

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Luo Yue is then reprimanded by her supervisor and has to be Cheng Hao’s tour guide.  Here, the drama falls into the rude and obnoxious female lead territory, with her not treating Cheng Hao and his friends like the customers that they are.

Episode Rating: 7 (I feel like I am being too generous here)


I started watching this series when it was first broadcasted; I have only seen the first four episodes.

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