Book Review: Fallen


Book Cover

Book: Fallen


Author: Lauren Kate

Rate: 1.795

Emotion: Annoyed (while reading)

“Sexy and fascinating and scary… I loved, loved  it”

– P.C Cast, New York Times bestseller


I think I enjoyed reading the first book in the Fallen series (Fallen), otherwise, I wouldn’t have read the books that followed. However, now that I have read all the books, my judgment of the first book at the time is in question. I realised why I have read the other books several times, and not Fallen. Until now, and boy do I regret my decision. Afterwards, I asked myself, why did I read this book? Did I read the following books because I liked this one?  I think a friend recommended this book, and I read it for the sake of reading something, and not because I liked the story. Truth be told, although I have read all Lauren Kate’s books, I don’t enjoy her writing. I like the ideas around them, just not the way they are told.


Lucinda moves to Sword and Cross, a reform school because she is unable to explain a situation where a boy died in a fire whilst with her.  At the Sword and Cross, she makes new friends and forgets her one friend from her previous school (for the most part). Her new friends encourage her to commit various crimes, including accessing other people’s personal information without permission.

Cam, a hot guy from her school who is head over hills for her, although she in love with Daniel, a guy who doesn’t even give a toss about her.


“Sexy. Fascinating,” where? It’s not “scary,” please write truthful reviews. Rather, I found this book to be dull, and, whilst there were parts of the book that were obviously meant to be scary, they did not appear scary to me.

This is what the young adult genre has been reduced to the romanticising of criminal activities and Love triangle’s that don’t make sense. Why the love triangle? It was so unnecessary and could have been avoided, this book could have been slightly better had Lucinda not indulged Cam, as she liked Daniel.

Character Development

How am I meant to like a book when none of the characters are likable? Lucinda, the main protagonist is far from being likable, as she is an idiot of a stalker. Daniel puts the middle finger up at her, [Lucinda “I love him”]. Seriously!  From there on she begins following him, getting jealous and hateful towards every other girl that dares to talk to him.  Lucinda, Daniel treats you like trash every time your paths cross! The whole “damned thing”, that they are destined to be together no matter what seems like a cop-out to me. Yes, Daniel eventually falls for her, however, there is no development.


*Sigh* I get it that you are only allowed one phone call a week, apparently, this also means bothering to write a letter to a friend is out of the question…  I can’t. Lucinda is all about Lucinda and nothing else matters. My favourite quote from the book (directed at Lucinda) is “… in this lifetime you’re nothing more than you appear to be: a stupid, selfish, ignorant, spoiled little girl.”

It is okay in the beginning because there is a need for character development. However, there was little to no development in this book. As I continued reading I realised nothing new was happening; it was a regurgitation of what had previously happened. Lucinda is drawn to Daniel, he smiles then flips her off, she’s hurt, the next time they meet the same thing happens. But who cares? She is in love!

It could have easily been a good novel. As a reader, it is my hope that any story I am reading is worth the time and money spent. This is more concerning as this was at the beginning of the series.

Although others and myself, do not like this book, there are many other people who do. I could not find something to like about the book, but they did. And that is okay. If you were thinking about reading this book and came across my post, I advise you to read some positive reviews and come to your own informed decision.  Or even better go to your local library, borrow the book and read it.


That’s all for now. Until next time,


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