Mini Rant: 2 Moons The Series

The intro is too long………….. I normally like long intro, because they offer a sneak peak into future episode. However this series’ intro offered nothing 😦

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 6.53.39 pm

The dialog is word for word what is said in the book (at least for the one episode that is out). Obviously there were things that were omitted. There is so much you can fit in a series with 11 episodes that runs for an hour in which that long as intro, commercials, the preview as well as ending monolog all have to play. Nothing that cannot be fixed by the omission of the unnecessary slow motion scenes

I don’t remember reading this part, but apparently Wayo has a shrine of Phana in his room. If this does not ring any bells I don’t know what will…

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.14.27 pm

Anyway, thus far there are lots of hot people and more to come. There are also weird music intervals, ignore them. If you have read the book like myself, then you might enjoy this. If not just know that it’s a BL (boy love) story; if it makes you uncomfortable don’t watch. Seriously do not watch. Otherwise go ahead, watch it, and make all the contractive criticism you want to make 🙂

Until next time, 

Peace be with you,


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