Eyebrow Horror Story

4 months ago I went to a beauty pallor near my place. This was not the second time. The results from the last time were okay.  But then that day, I don’t know what possessed me because I had planned to go to my usual place (which is around 45 minutes from home, but worthwhile).

I asked for a clean up, of the regrowing hairs… remember the 90s movies and how unbelievably thin the women’s eyebrows were…

 no brows .png

Even Buffy had no eyebrows to speek of. That’s how mine looked. Lifeless.



90% of what was seen as my eyebrows was drawn. Thank goodness, after a month the hair grew back. However, I had to make do  grooming by myself (I my sister, bless her soul). Four months later I was enjoying looking like a cavewoman… I went back to my  old parlor and  now my eyebrows look like a bay. Life is good agian.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.21.17 pm.png

Until next time.

Peace be with you,


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